The Aqua Building, a New Concept in ‘Living Space’


Location, location, location 
The area chosen for the project is one carefully selected by the property developer, Patrimi Resorts, who has ensured that facilities such as local businesses and leisure companies are already available within this residential area. Examples of the local facilities are La Fuente Shopping Centre which is within walking distance of the site and three of the finest 18-hole golf courses (ie Villamartín, Las Ramblas and La Finca) in the region, which are in close proximity.

La Fuente Shopping CentreLas Ramblas Golf Course

In addition there are many attractions nearby, including beaches and coastal areas; beautiful landscapes of agricultural land; astonishing natural scenery, and examples of historical and cultural heritage in nearby places such as the town of Orihuela, city of Elche, etc.

Optimizing the Site

The site has a surface area of 1150 m2, which the architect has used to its full potential, taking into account the site’s particular characteristics, designing the space so as to allow natural ventilation and provide an advantageous elevation towards sun, while at the same time offering protection from the elements.

The project proposes constructing the apartments so that they face towards the south. This will provide the best views as well as offering maximum natural light and exposure to the sun. In addition, this arrangement protects the building from the north side, insulating the living space from the noise from both the main road and other buildings in the area.

There is a man-made waterway, the Tajo-Segura canal, to the south of the site which has forest and farmland on either side, and thus offers visitors picturesque scenery to enjoy when going for a walk in the sunshine. In addition, next to the canal, a green area of 4500m2 to the east gives opening to the outdoor communal areas of the building. Therefore as the building faces towards these two elements, it is enriched with a communal green area and a private swimming pool, which is not visible from outside the complex.

On the other hand, the access to the building parking in the basement is determined by the presence of main road and the slope of land.

Design Concerns: Identity, Individuality and Privacy

Front Facade of the Aqua Building

Front Facade of the Aqua Building

Architecturally speaking, the shape of the Aqua Building offers a neat and clear design with respect to the building as a whole, as well as for each of the units that make up the whole structure. Thus, it is possible to appreciate the identity of the whole block, while maintaining the individual nature of its apartments.

This reflects the vision of the architect that diverges from the concept of a residential building as a block of apartments where all the units appear more or less the same. This is clearly seen in the Aqua building, where not all the apartments have the same facade; some units jut out from the vertical line of the building, giving an individual look to each of them.

The facades that extend further out, not only increase the size of the apartment, but also create a frame of different landscape views. The intention is to achieve an order within the volume vibration of the block.

The Aqua Building’s design invites you to live and enjoy the outdoor spaces; the distribution of large terraces in gradient-set (stair-shaped) maximise views and privacy. Also, the terraces within the apartment allow the placing of dining furniture and barbeques, etc. The 300 days of sun and mild winters that characterize Alicante’s climate combine with the peaceful surroundings to achieve the desired goal. This is especially true in the Penthouse apartments that enjoy large open spaces and exclusive roof terraces from where it is possible to see the sea.

Back Facade of the Aqua Building

Back Facade of the Aqua Building

In the north facade, the Aqua has a strong sense of symmetry, with an imposing 4-storey high door, that invites you to come in to see the interior and where – instead of a solid wall, a veil is used to make the building atrium ( that houses the lift and stairs) a bit more private.  The result is a great visual perspective from Gibraltar Street.

Despite being a 4-storey building containing several apartments, the Aqua takes into account the diversity that characterises society nowadays, offering living spaces independent of each other, which respect the right to individuality and intimacy that each family model has.

Functionality and Comfort: It is all about lifestyle

The Aqua's living room

The Aqua’s living room

The functional side of the apartment is clearly divided between day and night. When the owner enters their home, the stress and noise of the city are left behind and replaced with a peaceful atmosphere. The more public rooms –salon-dining room and kitchen extend through the wide windows that connect them with the apartment terrace giving space continuity and access to the view of communal areas and landscapes. In contrast, the night living area preserves intimacy and privacy with more controlled openings, smaller windows and more private terraces.

Within the apartment, the space is carefully planned to ensure optimum use, and comfort. All facilities of a high standard home are included: quality materials, detailed finishes, heating and air-conditioning systems, thermal and sound insulation, etc.

At building level, the possibilities that offer a type of building like The Aqua are optimised, with the integration of all the facilities to be found in a high quality building. These include a basement with garage and storage units, lift, communal swimming pool, controlled access, video-com entry, communal TV aerial, etc.

The Aqua is also compliant with the current Spanish legislation regarding comfort, energy-saving measures and sustainability.  The CTE – The Spanish Technical Building Code also includes rules and guidelines to ensure the correct use of thermal and sound insulation, thermal solar panels to generate hot water, anti-seismic structural design safety measures, ventilation mechanisms as well as health and safety standards. The overall intention of the developer is to provide a comfortable apartment, which is easy to heat in winter, and simple to cool in the summer using the through ventilation which allows easy circulation of fresh air.

For more information about this project development, please email

Fina Pedrera
Chief Architect of the Aqua Development
Patrimi Resorts S.L.


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