If you’re from Alicante it’s really hard to pick the top beaches around here! The easiest thing would be to recommend Alicante’s city beach, but that means visitors would miss out on the best beaches on the Costa Blanca: beaches near Benidorm, coves in Altea, the top beaches in Torrevieja, coves in Villajoyosa, the best beaches in Calpe…

If you’ve already visited some lovely beaches in Valencia, before choosing your favourites, take a look at our list of the top 10 beaches in Alicante province, the best on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The top beaches on the Levante coast, the prettiest beaches in Alicante.

Map of the top beaches in Alicante.

If you look on the map of the Costa Blanca in Spain, you’ll find Alicante’s seaside towns, all with people and customs that make them really charming places. But of all the Alicante coastal towns, we want to recommend the beaches and coves that, in our experience, are the best ones to visit.


Granadella (Jávea)

Playa Granadella, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

One of the top beaches in Jávea is actually the best in Spain. And we’re not exaggerating! Cala Granadella in Jávea has been voted twice, in 2012 and 2013, as Spain’s top beach on the website of TV station Antena 3. Granadella is undoubtedly one of the top coves in Jávea and one of the prettiest on the Costa Blanca.

If you’re looking for coves to dive from in Jávea, they’re all fantastic for snorkelling, with crystal clear waters all along the coast.

Playa Mascarat (Altea)

Playa Mascarat, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

Everyone agrees that the beaches around Altea are some of the best. The most popular one is Altea’s Playa del Albir, it’s also the most photographed and the biggest. Many of you have asked whether there are sandy beaches in Altea, but no, they all consist of pebbles in varying sizes.

If you’re visiting Altea on holiday, we suggest you go to Playa Mascarat, with its Posidonia (sea grass) meadows at the northern end of the beach, easy parking and traditional beach shack bar.

Many of you have asked us what there is to see near Benidorm, and a visit to Altea, one of the most picturesque towns in the Benidorm area, never disappoints.

Cala Tío Ximo (Benidorm)

La Cala del Tio Ximo (Benidorm), las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

You’re sure to have seen loads of photos of Benidorm’s beaches, but if you’re looking for a local cove, Cala Tío Ximo is the one. It’s the best cove for snorkelling along the whole of the Benidorm coast. It’s also one of the most popular nudist beaches in the Benidorm area, as it’s very sheltered.

At the moment, there are no beaches for dogs in Benidorm, but some nearby towns do have them, like Villa Joiosa’s El Xarco dogs’ beach.


Cala la Manzanera (Calpe)

Cala La Manzanera, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

If you’re wondering what sights to see in Calpe, Cala la Manzanera is a “must-do” on your list. It’s not only one of the best beaches in Calpe, it’s also a great spot for admiring the views of the buildings designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, who was famous in the 1970s for his colourful geometric architecture.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a beach shack bar in Calpe to enjoy typical Alicante coastal gastronomy, you’d be advised to visit Playa La Fossa in Calpe and ask where you can eat a good meal on the seafront.

Cala Cantalar (El Cabo las Huertas)

Playa Cantalar, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

One of the most popular beaches of all in the city of Alicante is Cala Cantalar, in El Cabo de las Huertas. When tourists ask us about the coves around San Juan in Alicante, we tell them about Cala Cantalar, as it’s close to the town of San Juan. And if you want to know where the nudist beaches are in Alicante, this is the closest one to the capital.

Playa Carabassi (Elche)

Playa del Carabassí, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

The board walks installed by Elx City Council allow you to walk across the sand dunes and get some photos of the beautiful beaches. The pine forest area of Playa del Carabassí is ideal for a shady siesta.

For those of you asking about nudist beaches in Alicante, Playa del Carabassí is big enough to have a nudist area.

Playa de la Caleta (Cabo Roig)

Cabo Roig, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

If you’re in Orihuela and looking for “a beach near me”, the closest one is Playa de la Caleta, also known as Playa de Cabo Roig. It’s definitely one of the best beaches on the Orihuela Costa, sheltered by the headland and near the town centre, so it has all the amenities and services that visitors need.

Cala de la Coveta Fumá (Campello)

Cala de la Coveta Fuma, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

The most popular of all the charming beaches in Campello is the cove of Coveta Fumá. It’s only accessible on foot, which means it isn’t crowded and the rocky sea bed combined with the lush underwater vegetation attracts loads of fish of all sizes. This also makes it one of the best coves for snorkelling in Alicante.


Cala Ferris (Torrevieja)

Cala Ferris, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

Which is the best beach in Torrevieja? Which beaches close to Torrevieja do you recommend?

You’ll find lots of opinions on the beaches at Torrevieja but, if I had to choose one of the best, I’d go for Cala Ferris, for me, it’s the town’s top beach. Some of you also ask me about nudist beaches in Torrevieja, so that’s a topic we’ll be covering in future articles.

Of all the coves in Torrevieja, Cala Ferris is certainly one of the quieter beaches on the Alicante coast. It has clean, clear water and is set in a lovely landscape of sand dunes, abundant vegetation and exuberant palm trees.

Racó de l'Albir (Alfaz del Pí)

Racó del Albir, las mejores playas de Alicante Costa Blanca | Patrimi

Just because it’s the last beach on this list doesn’t mean it’s not a charming place to visit in Alicante, or that you shouldn’t make the effort to go there. Racó de l’Albir, in Alfaz del Pí, one of the towns near Benidorm, is proud of its Blue Flag beach and also of the best rice dishes on the Alicante coast.

Visiting the seafront promenade, with the Walk of Fame featuring the stars of L’Alfàs del Pi Film Festival, is a great plan for tourists wondering what to do in Benidorm and the surrounding area.

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