Of the property owners 81% has answered they had the intention to travel to Spain before the COVID made a presence, which has made them delay their plans to enjoy the short stays in their second homes. Only few did not have plans to travel to Alicante, only 11%. If we compare this data with the result of the poll to our potential buyers, from our CRM-Database, we see similar numbers, as 70% of them says they had plans to travel to Spain before the COVID.

One of the analytics that affects most to Patrimi, selling homes, is the flight recovery and the fear factor in our users. More than 60% of the surveyed owners think about retaking their travel plans to Alicante in over 3 months time, and more than 80% of our potential also think to be able to travel in more than 3 months. This should lead us to actívate the demand of property buyers as second residence from national clients, and start to implement captation strategies towards clients who do not have to travel by plain to visit our homes. At the same time, we should stay close to our international potenital buyers, by the use of digital tools such as virtual visits, emails, telephone communication and to offer promotions that make us different from our competitors.

Unfortunately for more than 60% of our property owners, the COVID-19 has delayed their plans to actually enjoy their property in Alicante, but 37% of them have indicated they will do so as soon as flights will be reestablished. However, as for the potential buyers, there is more willingness to follow their plans to buy a property in Alicante (60%), than those who have decided to let go of this idea (35%) because of the COVID-irruption. So this is an indication that the demand will stay active, in stand-by for when certain international restrictions disappear.

As to price trends of new build second homes, the poll shows the same result for the owners as for the potential clients, as over the half of the survey takers think prices will drop with over 6%, and to a fewer extent think that they will drop in between 3 and 6%.

It was to be expected that to the question about buying a property on-line, for the owners as well as for the buyers, most of them answer no, however, in the group of the potential buyers, almost 40% would consider buying a property over the internet, and 13% answer they would do so straight away. This indicates that there is an existing demand who trusts in new technologies, and therefore there should be invested to ease this type of transactions to the possible interested. It is important to use digital elements such as virtual tours, online payment facilities through the website or digital signatures to accelerate the processes.

To collation of the previous exposed, it should be highlighted that 40% of the property owners value in between 8 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, the importancy of digital processes for the possible reservation of a property through the internet, such as commented above, as well as for the potential buyers, 42% has valuated at a same level.

Finally, property owners as well as potential buyers think that after the health crisis caused by the COVID-19, the designs of the properties will not introduce a lot of changes as to what is been done actually in terraces, open spaces or private gardens. We have similar results for the ones answering that there will be more of these areas included, as for those answering that there won’t, or those answering that there will not be such a mayor change as to what is being said, but that the budget will remain crucial. Likewise, these are some of the solutions that property owners and potential buyers indicate with respect to fight the COVID within the properties or communal areas:

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