Hello, it seems we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! At Patrimi we would like to inform you about our reopening protocol of our offices, in accordance with the following measurements recommended by the Spanish Government.

A system of previous appointments will be established, with confirmation needed of the number of assistants to the visit, that guarantees the permanence in the interior of the establishment at the same time, without the possibility of enabling a waiting area in the same space.

We guarantee the individual attention at all times keeping in mind the necessary 2m distance.

In the establishments where individual attention of more than one client at the same time is possible, the interpersonal distance to be kept, needs to be pointed out clearly, with marks on the floor, or other type of signaling.

times a day, a full cleaning and desinfection of the installations will be realised, with special attention to most frequently contact surfaces like door handles, reception, furniture, hand rails, dispensing units, floors, telephones, water taps, and other similar elements as keys, which will be desinfected after every use.

A cleaning and desinfection of the work posts will be done at the change of every turn, with special attention to receptions, screens, keyboards, payment terminals, touch screens, work tolos and other elements subjecto to manipulation, in especially when used by more than one employee.

Every night, the main office as the showhouses, will be desinfected and sanitized by the use of a Ozone machine.

The toilets of the different commercial establishments will not be used by the clients.

There must be bins, if possible with lid and pedal, to deposit handkerchiefs or any other disposable material. These bins will be cleaned frequently and at least once a day.

The time of permanence in the establishments and premises will be the strictly necessary time for clients for the service provision.

There will be protective equiment for free at the public’s disposal with material authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health, at the entrace of the offices which always must be in good condition to use, such as hydroacoholic gel dispensers.

The sales visits with the necessity of displacement by car, will be realised in separate cars, one for the Patrimi representant and another for the clients.

The sales visits will be confirmed to clients/agents telematically.

We are waiting for you!

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