Architecture designed for your wellbeing

With Mediterranean design, contemporary, lots of natural light, excellent finishes and environmentally friendly.

You new home in the Mediterranean

We are committed to improving the relationship with our homes and environment. That's why we design our homes to be...

be natural

We select and use materials such as stone and natural finishes, both on the outside and inside of our homes, achieving greater comfort and housing perfectly integrated in Mediterranean land.

In Mediterranean climates it is necessary to dissipate heat especially in summer, and therefore we learn from our history and vernacular architecture through the provision of clear coatings, which can be seen on the outside in both the Monolayer and pavements and inside in the painting of the walls. The arrangement of white roofs and façades allows the interior of the house to be reduced by up to 7 degrees, and in the interior, as it is more reflective, the use of light is also reduced.

Houses that Breathe

be healthy

We take care that all the rooms are in direct contact with the outside, through the interior distribution that benefits the air currents between one area or another of the house. Esto nos permite tener un aire acondicionado gratuito, aprovechando la ventilación natural.
"The cheapest energy is energy that is not consumed "It is our responsibility to have less impact on the environment. Uno de los aspectos más importantes es la orientación. Orientar a sur nuestras viviendas, nos permite un máximo aprovechamiento solar, que nos hace beneficiarnos del sol, su luz y calor. Tanto en Salinas, como en Ele y Finestrat se ve claramente esta característica. En promociones como la de Soleil incluso se dispuso el edificio en medio para poder tener una mejor orientación y en Lagos, dado que las vistas daban a Norte, las viviendas buscan la doble orientación.

be Welcoming

We pay special attention to interior design, creating cosy and practical spaces.. With an optimal design of the space so that you can enjoy it without obstacles.

We have a personalisation department with professionals who will help you to furnish your new home.

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